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Product and Services

Job Posting
Rajajobs.com provide an easy-to-use recruitment services to support you finding the best talent for your company. By posting your job ads on Rajajobs, we are giving you the better chance for your job ads to be found by qualified candidates you desired.

Online Assessment
To help you only processing the best talent, applicants may be assigned to answer several questions. Rajajobs provides these Online Test:
For example, if you are looking for a Web Developer, then you might want to assess their skill using HTML and CSS online test. If there are no online test meets your requirements, you are able to generate your own test.

Manage Candidates
With Rajajobs.com, you can manage candidates that applied to your job ads anywhere.

Manage Company Profile
Rajajobs.com provide an easier way for managing your company profile to be used in your job ads.

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