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2359 Media Indonesia

At 2359 we make a point of bravely venturing into new and unknown areas to discover problems to solve. It keeps us awake and on the cutting edge. We commit to be highly experienced and always be solving new and challenging problems with the best technology.

When intelligent minds collide amazing things happen. From the interns to the founders we all work together, we actively learn and share together. We solve problems as a team with ourselves and our clients. We subscribe to the ideology that the blend of different expertise and individual passion forges stronger solutions.
Our global team is focused on one thing: creating world-class mobile experiences that match the promises done and delivering them on time. Indeed, we treat others like how we would like to be treated!


Ours is a story of translating dreams into reality.

It began with two intrepid young men and one app. Working mostly in spaces around their campus to tap on free Wi-Fi. Driven by one ambitious dream.

In less than 4 years, we built an award-winning, multinational mobile-first studio. It has been an adventure best described as a coherent and chaotic innovation. One that would not be possible without the ingenuity of our people.

We still have the same dream. To create impactful mobile solutions that shape the digital media landscape. We know we will continue to fulfill this dream if we hold true to our promise to elevate talent, lead ingenuity, and guide others towards innovation.



our method About Us

All our services are guided by our unique lean method. Throughout our end-to-end services, we adopt an iterative process of developing and improving our lightweight products using key information provided by users. With this iterative method, we ensure that the costs of invalid initial assumptions are kept low, and allow for quick pivots based on user insights.

In the “Think” phase, we conduct rigorous workshops to help businesses perform customer and idea validation. This ensures that your business ideas and perceived customer problems are valid in the first place, before a product is even developed.

Next, in “Make”, we develop a lightweight product based on the validated assumptions in the prior phase. Highly focused and lightweight minimum viable products are built and fed into the next phase of our method.

In the third phase, we collect user data and insights by conducting extensive user acceptance tests. Using these collected user insights, we will enter the next “Think” phase, iteratively enhancing the product into something users want and need. From here, the iterative cycle repeats.



We provide a holistic and unique mix of service that help businesses navigate the new era of a technology-led world.

We understand that innovation is a chaotic process, an undertaking that seeks to understand divergences, opportunities and context. We will guide you towards innovation. We will help you create impactful mobile solutions that shape the digital media landscape.

Strategic Consulting

We work closely with you to recognize when and where value can be created in your business interactions with lasting impact through mobile first innovations.

Visual Identity

We develop a robust identity for your digital products, giving a character and voice that builds a connection with your users across different platforms like iOS, Android and Web.


Technology is an integral part of every project we undertake. This is why our engineering team in iOS, Android, HTML5 and Server development is involved in every strategic, user experience and design process to devise the most effective approach towards building a successful mobile application. 


Your product strategy does not end at the end of development. With our help, you can create the most efficient marketing plan for your product that fits your budget.

Post Launch

Our post launch services provide critical support for your needs after the successful launch of your product. From product maintenance to conducting regular critical reviews to continually improve your product, we can make the difference between a good product and a great one
UX Workshop
At 2359 Media, we offer a unique User Experience (UX) workshop, a process that revolves around understanding the user and developing a mobile product that meets their needs and delights them. From our deep experience in app development and user experience design, we believe that our user-centric approach in product development will guarantee a product’s success.



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